SCDA Vision

Vision for an effective structure through which

the grassroots groups of Wisconsin’s Second Congressional District can

network, coordinate, and provide mutual support among each other and WGN.


The CD2 Alliance Mission:

To support progressive grassroots groups

The CD2 Alliance provides a means for progressive grassroots groups in CD2 to exchange ideas, coordinate work, and provide mutual support to each other. The Alliance supports and serves the grassroots groups and does not direct them.

What sorts of groups does the CD2 Alliance support?

By ‘progressive grassroots groups’ we mean citizens who come together as autonomous local civic groups that have multifaceted areas of interests.

  • Progressive: Holding a set of values (to be specified—will have something to do with community, public interests, justice, freedom, etc.)
  • Autonomous: The group is not guided by any higher organization, such as a state or national organizations, but sets its own areas of activity, priorities, and procedures.
  • Local: The group serves a community of people in CD2 or an area or community within CD2.
  • Civic: The group’s areas of interest and activity serve and are connected to the community.
  • Multifaceted: The group does not limit its activities and interests to a single issue or topic.

What will the CD2 Alliance do?

- Communications

The CD2 Alliance will maintain a network of communication among grassroots groups.  It will maintain an active web presence (website, Facebook page, Twitter) that will be accessible to all individuals, regardless of whether they are currently involved with a local grassroots group.


The CD2 Alliance will maintain an email communications capacity, to which individuals can subscribe that will alert them to grassroots events within CD2. Details still need to be worked out—see note #1, below.

What will the CD2 Alliance do?

- Program

The CD2 Alliance will publicize events for participating grassroots groups; will facilitate cooperation between grassroots groups in organizing events; and may organize and sponsor some events of its own, which could include workshops or training sessions for:

  • skill-building for activism or civic work;
  • Social networking and making connections; and
  •  issues education.

Without supplanting any actions/events sponsored by any participating grassroots groups, and staying within its mission to support local progressive grassroots groups, the CD2 Alliance might undertake or sponsor occasional projects of its own including events such as candidates’ forums or bringing in major speakers; and actions such as  “Standing against the sandstorm” and sign painting.

What will the CD2 Alliance do?


-          Support for the grassroots movement

  • If contacted by individuals who are not yet aware of grassroots groups in their area, the CD2 Alliance will put them in touch with a local group.
  • The CD2 Alliance may offer to work with and support emerging groups to assist these groups in building the skills and organization to become an operational progressive grassroots group. The CD2 Alliance may work to establish mentoring arrangements between existing grassroots groups and emerging ones.
  • The CD2 Alliance might from time to time and on a case-by-case basis engage in joint activities with groups such as League of Conservation Voters, Move to Amend etc. , when their activities advance our mission, but does not exist to support these groups. 

What will the CD2 Alliance do?


-          Electoral politics


  • The CD2 Alliance will be non-partisan and will never make any decisions or endorsements based on party loyalty.  Other details still need to be worked out: See note #2, below.

Who will participate in the CD2 Alliance?

  • Any member of the public will be able to follow the CD2 Alliance on Facebook or visit the website. Details need to be worked out: See note #3.
  • Any individual will be able to subscribe to the CD2 Alliance email list Details need to be worked out: See note #1.
  • CD2 Alliance will ‘recognize’ any existing grassroots group that fits its definition of ‘progressive grassroots group’ and will do what it can to support that group, such as by publicizing events it sponsors that fit with CD2 Alliance’s mission.
  • Grassroots groups that have been recognized by the CD2 Alliance can participate in the governance of the CD2 Alliance by adopting a resolution supporting the Alliance’s mission and values and sending a representative to the steering committee.

How will the CD2 Alliance be organized?

The CD2 Alliance will be led by a steering committee comprised of representatives sent by the CD2 grassroots groups that have adopted resolutions supporting the Alliance’s mission and values. The steering committee will be authorized to make logistical and organizational decisions (updating a website, scheduling, inviting speakers, etc.) Details need to be worked out; see note #4.


The steering committee will operate transparently, that is:

  • its membership will be known;
  • people will be able to contact it through the website or Facebook page;
  • it will have written procedures and methods for making decisions;
  • its meetings will be announced and open to interested observers;  and
  • participating grassroots groups will be able to put things on its agenda.


A few volunteers will handle organizational tasks, like scheduling steering committee meetings, checking the email inbox and administering the Facebook page on an ongoing basis.

In the future, the CD2 Alliance might have written bylaws, and might even incorporate and raise/spend funds.


What relationship will the CD2 Alliance have with WGN?

The CD2 Alliance will identify itself as the regional partner of WGN, and will maintain a mutually supportive relationship with WGN:

  • Will be an active participant in developing a WGN state wide regional structure, and will send a representative to the WGN Council;
  • Will make use of WGN’s support for administrative, communication functions;
  • Will cooperate with WGN’s efforts to expand the statewide grassroots movement, and will contribute ideas of its members for regional collaboration and mutual benefit.



Note #1: CD2 Alliance ‘broadcast’ email capacity

Ideas floated so far:

  • We want to explore the possibilities of using WGN IT infrastructure for this, rather than going off on our own;
  • Individuals should be able to add or remove themselves from the CD2 emailing list without adding or removing themselves from other lists;
  • Grassroots groups participating in the CD2 Alliance can decide if every individual wants to get on the list or if they want to have a ‘phone tree’ set-up;
  • It should not have a ‘reply-to-all’ capacity;
  • We’ll need to develop policies for what the list is used for and some effective controls over who can send things out on it.



Note #2: Electoral politics

We recognize that electoral/partisan politics is a thorny issue for grassroots groups and that it can be very divisive. We want to sort it out and be clear about it to prevent it from damaging our group from within or limiting our effectiveness outside the group. We want to encourage members’ participation in electoral politics and we want to influence electoral politics, but we want to make every decision based on our values rather than loyalty to any party or individual. CD2 Alliance may endorse and support policy issues and referenda on the basis of values rather than party loyalty.

We like some of the ideas in McCabe’s Blue Jeans in High Places, and we discussed the possibility of issuing ‘findings of fact’ for individual candidates instead of endorsements—that is, saying “We find that this candidate’s positions and record are/aren’t consistent with our values.”


Note #3: Facebook page or group

We want grassroots groups and individuals to be able to share over our Facebook page, but we know that inappropriate or irrelevant stuff will be shared if we don’t control it. We’ll need to adopt policies and procedures to control this.


Note #4: Steering Committee membership and operations

An interim steering committee was formed of the people who were at the meeting tonight (Ginny Brokish, Bob Crego, Julie Crego, Paul Lindquist, Karen McKim, John Scepanski, and John Stanley, along with a few others who have participated reliably in the conference calls up to this point (Rebecca Alwin, Lucy Gibson, maybe one or two others, my notes are not clear.) 


Conference calls will continue on the 4th Thursday of every month, and John Stanley will work on finding a date for the next face-to-face.


Development of the procedures for the real steering committee and its creation will be one of the top priorities for the interim steering committee. In addition to the details described above, we discussed but didn’t decide how voting will be handled on the steering committee. Ideally, things will be decided by consensus, but from time to time voting will be needed, and we need to decide whether each participating grassroots group will get one vote, or if everyone who attends the steering committee meeting from a participating group should be able to vote.


-  -  -  -  -  -


Created by the Interim Steering Committee on February 20, 2015.


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