Active McFarland May 2, 2015

Dear Friends,

Here is the report for the May 2 Active McFarland Political Café. This next café will meet at the McFarland House Café on May 8.

There is continuing discussion about moving the café meetings to another venue because of the problem of noise, which actually wasn't too bad at today's meeting. The McFarland Village Hall was mentioned. For warm weather months, meeting at an outdoor pavilion at a local park was mentioned as well.

We welcomed Sheila Plotkin back to the meeting after her extended vacation traveling with Dick.


Present:  Ron Berger, Denny & Jean Blackmore, Peter Johnson, Sig Middelfort, Sheila Plotkin, Dawn Shegonee, Clair Utter, and McFarland High School students Tray Blazek, Donovan Goben, Austin Moore, and Jessica Naze.

Meeting Announcements:  Clair distributed a schedule and agenda for Village Committee meetings in the upcoming week that will be held at the McFarland Municipal Center. For further information, contact Clair at:[email protected]


1) The main topic for today was introduced by Peter, who has been attending local meetings regarding ways in which people in the grassroots movement can participate in the Wisconsin Democratic Party, including the upcoming state convention that will be held June 5-6 in Milwaukee. Here is some information about it.

 In order to become a voting delegate, you have to join the party two weeks before the convention.

 Peter reported that Joe Wineke seems to be emerging as the leading Democratic Party “insider” to become the next state chair. Martha Lanning and Jeff Smith appear to be the leading progressive/grassroots alternatives, and there is some concern that they could split their votes. State Senator Kathleen Vinehout has endorsed Lanning, which made a positive impression on some members of our group.

 Sig also encouraged people to attend the monthly meetings of the Democratic Party of Dane Country, which are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 in the Concourse Hotel. The purpose of our involvement in the Party is not to endorse the organization as it currently stands but to change it to become more responsive to the grassroots movement.

2) Sig also reported on a letter writing campaign directed at members of the Joint Finance Committee regarding the budget. Sheila is going to work on distributing sample letters.

3) Sheila is interested in organizing a door-to-door and/or a sign brigade campaign related to voter registration, which would include information about how to get a proper voter ID.



4) Jessica suggested that we get ourselves customized t-shirts as one way to help publicize our group. She will be looking into a possible design for the t-shirts.


submitted by Ron Berger




Active McFarland: Exercising Democracy
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A Grass Roots Organization made up of people from the McFarland area promoting democracy at all levels of Government

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