April 18, 2015, Progressive Partners quarterly meeting agenda


Progressive Partners Purpose Statement:  

PROGRESSIVE PARTNERS exists to support and facilitate communication, coordination, and collaboration among autonomous community-based progressive grassroots groups and community allies 

Progressive Partners Agenda 

April 18, 2015, Middleton, WI 


1-1:30  Rep. Dianne Hesselbein (79th District) 

Explanation of the process for passing the biennial state budget 

Discussion of how to influence what is finalized in the budget 

 1:30-3:00 facilitated by Charlie Uphoff and Rebecca Alwin 

The purpose of this discussion is to identify what Progressive Partners could do to facilitate better communication and collaboration among progressive grassroots groups. 

Discussion question: How could progressive groups within the 2nd Congressional District more effectively communicate and work together locally and perhaps statewide?   

  1. Individuals will write their own responses to the question above, using a separate card for each suggested action.  Each card should also identify barriers that have prevented this action from happening.  Each individual will rank his/her cards, with 1 being the most important. 

 All suggested action cards will be collected, shuffled, and randomly redistributed among attendees.   


  1. Each person will read aloud to the whole group the cards they've been given.  After each card is read, the group will decide whether it is related to one already read or should begin a new cluster. 


  1. Each sheet with a cluster of cards will be given a name by the group. When all the cards have been put on a sheet, the sheets will be placed on separate tables.  Participants will choose which cluster most interests them and move to the table with that cluster of cards.  


  1. Each small group will have a cluster of suggested action cards. They will identify the top 3 to 5 suggested actions in their cluster that need attention, then propose solutions that will address or remove the barriers that are preventing the suggested action from being implemented. They will also be asked to identify and write down who will do what and when.  The written report from each group should identify who will initiate the actions to be taken and when.  Each small group will choose one person to report their decisions to the whole group. 


  1. The small groups will report who has taken responsibility for the initiating actions.  The facilitators will collect the written reports from each group after their oral report.  Charlie Uphoff will assemble notes on what is decided and email the notes to the contact for each Progressive Partners group and anyone else who gives their email address today. 



3:00-3:30   Share what each of the community groups is currently doing. 

      Ask which group or groups will host the next Progressive Partners meeting 


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