August 19, 2013, meeting notes

DeForest Area Progressives (DAP)

August 19, 2013, meeting notes


There were 11 people present.


Karen E. reported that the Trempealeau County Board was voting that night on a sandstone mining permit moratorium.  There was further discussion on this.  Two new members, Cheryl and Tom R. spoke to actual frack mining in the southern Illinois region where they just moved from.


John St. spoke about the sign projects and partnering with Wisconsin Grassroots Network on them.  John said we have got to get going on this, but first we need to touch base with WGN.


Cynde L. said that Janet M. needs canvassers for Move to Amend in the village of Waunakee.  Janet wants to get Move to Amend going in the towns of Windsor and Vienna and the village of DeForest too.  Move to Amend is the nationwide effort to amend the U.S. Constitution to counteract the effects of the U.S. Supreme Court's action in its Citizens United decision.  If accomplished, the new Constitutional amendment will define person as a flesh and blood human being.  Corporations and corporate-like entities would then no longer qualify for civil rights protections the same as human beings under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Oregon Area Progressives will dedicate its open mic in October to the subject of frack mining.  We should attend to share our expertise in the subject of sandstone frac sand mining.  John Ski is to contact Charlie Uphoff of OAP to get the date and time.


Cynde L. asked if we can do something outdoors while the weather is still good -- an outdoor movie night or something like that.


We discussed our involvement with the Palermo's strike.  We decided that our commitment is probably at an end and we should give all of the remaining collected food items to our local food pantry.


Mary S. asked about the frac sand mine tours.  She and Beth T. volunteered to go over the sign-up list, set some dates, etc.  They will report back next Monday.  It is likely that we will arrange some day trips of about two hours (one way) out and back, and it probably will concentrate on TrempealeauCounty.


The next movie night was set for September 9th.  The movie will be Stealing America.  Next social evening will be September 21st, event to be determined; another karaoke?


Bob Fest is coming up September 7th at the AlliantCenter.  Everybody go!


Wisconsin Grassroots Network will meet again next Wednesday, as usual.  Karen E. reported on last Wednesday's WGN meeting.  Much is being done to restructure the WGN organization, moving toward becoming a 401c3.


Good meeting, gang!  Good to see so many in attendance for a change.


John Scepanski, note taker

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