Bill Maher on the GOP Convention

Now, I'm not a big Bill Maher fan, and I don’t like him enough personally to meet him for a hamburger, and I do not like the way he uses too much off-color language too gratuitously, but here are a few of his comments last week on his HBO TV show that I found funny and to the point.


On Clint Eastwood as an icon of the Republican Party: "a confused old person yelling at a chair."  (Now, Clint Eastwood IS a guy I'd like to go out with for a beer.) 


Also, did you notice that the joke Clint was telling was old, lame, and trite, pretending that the President of theUnited Stateswas telling someone to go ____ himself.  Really!  You can do better than that, Clint, and you can do better than you are doing, Republican PartyUSA.


Also, Bill Maher commented that the stiff and wooden Mitt Romney makes Al Gore (famous a few years ago for his stiffness and woodenness) look like James Brown at the Apollo Theater.


One last one: Maher said that he interpreted Mrs. Romney's message in her speech to the convention to be something like, "Any woman, if she works hard enough and applies herself, can marry anyone.

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