Cops are workiing stiffs too.

Sent this to some friends on the subject of the citations and such at the Capitol Rotunda:
Cops are working stiffs too.
It's like Keystone Cops, in that they don't (Chief Erwin that is) don't seem to have a handle on what to write people up for.  They (Chief Erwin on orders from his superiors*) want to suppress something, but they don't know what laws or ordinances have been violated, if any.  Haha.  Just like down in Arizona, the regular cop on the street is caught in the middle.
*I feel sorry for the ordinary officers.  They have to do as they're told, but they're just working stiffs like everybody else.  I've been suggesting to others in other venues to "recruit" the cops on the floor of the Rotunda, not harass them.  The cops are part of the 99%.  Kinda like the National Guard private on the line in the sixties protests, where that famous picture came from of the demonstrator putting flowers in the muzzles of the rifles.  I remember protesters shouting to the riot polce and the Guardsters on the UW campus, "Join us!  Join us!"  Working stiffs of the world, UNITE!  Cops are working stiffs too.

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