DAP meeting notes

 DeForest Area Progressives meeting, June 3, 2013, John Scepanski's notes


We met at the usual time and place: 6:00-8:00 p.m. every Monday, 6616 Lake Road.


Most of the meeting was taken up by reports of members on their activities:


  • road trip to Black River Falls conference on frac sandstone mining; new information, new friends, Marcia established relationship with Ho Chunk reps and got them interested in Wisconsin Grassroots Network
  • Marcia attended a meeting in Lodi with Columbia County Democrats.  John Sc. said he would have gone too but had a conflict.  We have some good friends and connections with the Columbia County Dems.
  • Lois, John Sc., and Liz participated in a listening session in Waterloo with Rep. John Jagler and Senator Scott Fitzgerald
  • Liz and Karen attended a Dane County Board meeting on the subject of
    Badger Care
  • Ginny, Leonardo, Karen, and John Sc. testified at a Windsor Town Planning Commission meeting on the subject of a proposed change in quarry blasting regulations.  We used the opportunity to educate the commission members on mining regulation in Wisconsin.  Note that there is much of the type of sand used for fracking within Dane County, so DAP territory is not immune to frac sandstone mining, hill and bluff removal, either.
  • attendance at a Wisconsin Association for Peace and Justice get-together in Eau Claire
  • Several of us attended the film festival in Whitehall in Trempealeau County and toured some of the sandstone mining sites upon several occasions


John Stanley reported on his activity with the Wisconsin Grassroots Network, setting up the July 20th sandstone mining educational event at MATC in Madison.  Save that date.  Unfortunately, that same date is the day of the next quarterly Progressive Partners (of the Wisconsin 2nd Congressional District) quarterly meeting in Fitchburg.  John Sc. volunteered to attend the Progressive Partners event that day, in order too show solidarity.  Most other DAP regulars will be working on the sandstone educational event with John St.


Several of us will be attending the Wis. Dem Convention this weekend, June 7-8, in Oconomowoc.  John Sc. is a delegate from Dane County and will be working closely with attendees from the Wisconsin Grassroots Network.


We have reserved a spot in the DeForest Fourth of July Parade.  Does anyone have access to a pickup truck or a car with a trailer?  Please let one of the regulars know or come to the next Monday night meeting.


Karen Edson reported, too, on various legislative actions and her growing correspondence with Wis. Rep. Keith Ripp.  Stay tuned on that!


Marcia is creating a database and email list of DAP members and associates.  She will report more on that later.


Much is going on as well with the Wisconsin Grassroots Network, in which several members of DAP are actively involved.  Go to www.Grassroots.net for much information on WGN.


Lois is going to Guatemala for a visit during the week of July 8th.  She will report back to us all on topics of interest upon her return.


As you can see, much is going on with DAP.  Besides the usual dozen or so regulars, where are the rest of you?


John Scepanski

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