DAP meeting notes for August 4, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for August 4, 2014

Next meeting: Monday, August 11, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Macchiato's, 605 S. Main Street in DeForest

There were nine people at the August 4th meeting.                  

We began with some free-flowing discussion on the topics of Social Security, pensions, and retirement philosophies.  Peg shared information on a recent court victory for nurses’ pensions.

As co-chairs for the Mary Burke campaign in DeForest/Windsor, Janet and Marcia briefed us on upcoming events.  Besides Mary Burke for Governor lit and messages, canvassers will carry with them lit, in areas where relevant, for our other candidates: George Ferriter, Dianne Hesselbein, Mary Arnold, and Michelle Zahn.  The idea is an organized campaign for our slate of progressive candidates.  It would be good if we could do some door knocking, lit drops, etc., each weekend between now and the November election, or if there is none in our district to help similar efforts in other districts.  We could have a “corps” of canvassers dedicated to canvas, canvas, canvas and phone-bank, phone-bank, phone-bank.  This Saturday’s (August 9th) canvass is scheduled: meet at Janet Mills’s house, 4054 Gray Road, Windsor (enter off Portage Road) at 9:30, 12:30, or 3:30 (your preference) to receive instructions, lit, and a walk list of Dem voters.  This time around we are targeting “sporadic voters” – those who usually vote only in presidential elections.  We want to get out the “sporadic” vote.  Those voters have been identified from a database (the “V.A.N.” – I forgot just what V.A.N. stands for) developed specifically for this purpose.  In future canvassing we will target other selected groups like this for our walk lists.  Marcia and Karen will compile data from the various canvassing efforts and report to central HQ in Madison (whence come the V.A.N. and walk lists).  Note too that if “doing doors” is not your thing, you might want to volunteer to do some phone bank calling either from the comfort of your home or at one or more of the scheduled group banks.  Let Janet or Marcia know.

Janet said that she had contacted Assembly Rep. John Jagler (Mary Arnold’s competition) for his comments on Move-to-Amend, but Jagler had not returned her calls.  This might be a good topic for letters-to-the-editor regarding his lack of interest in the issue of money in politics.

Marcia is offering one-on-one tutoring in how to “Twitter.”  She and Karen learned much about the use of social media to get our messages out and multiply their effects by such means as “retweets” and Facebook “sharing.”  Marcia is eager to do this and charges nothing for it.

It is fun meeting at Macchiato’s, the new wine and coffee restaurant in town.  Remember, you don’t have to buy anything or you may buy a drink or a whole dinner or snack.  The music last Monday was sixties and seventies R’n’R and folk/rock.  See you there Monday and at the canvassing at Janet’s house Saturday!  DAP rocks!

John Scepanski, unofficial DAP notetaker and reporter

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