DAP meeting notes for November 10, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for November 10, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, November 17, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Marcia’s house, 3953 Finch Trail in the Windsor Hill neighborhood.


There were seven people at the November 10th meeting.                           


There was a lot of discussion on the November 4th election and plans for future elections.  Some thought the issues in the election were over-simplified.  Others noted that according to George Lakoff, decisions are more often made on values and emotions than they are on rationality.  What are the important nuggets?  How can we market bite size pieces of information to voters?  What are the little cubes of information that people need to know that will affect their decision-making at the emotional and values levels?


We then turned our thoughts to what we want to do as a progressive organization in our community.  Our group has established itself in DeForest, Windsor, Vienna, and the surrounding area.  We have been sought out regularly by candidates and others for our involvement and input as progressives.  How can we have an effect on shaping the progressive mindset of our communities? 


Marcia suggested that we get involved in the “backyard prairie project.”  She described what she is doing in her own yard to return a portion of it to natural prairie according to the manner of Neil Diebold.  She has spoken to Windsor and DeForest officials about sponsoring such movements in our communities.  Windsor should seek “bird city” status like DeForest and other places in Wisconsin.  Maybe we can host a community education session through the DeForest area library’s adult programming.


Liz thought we need to encourage more membership in DAP.  Where is everybody?  What happened to the community rights idea?


Marcia asked us all to list our ideas and prioritize them on what we should be doing between elections and get those ideas to her.  What can we do to be community educators, to get the progressive message out there, to work with other community organizations in other communities like SPARC in Sun Prairie, where they have been doing some great things on education, and GROW in Waunakee


Next meeting, Carl will report on the DeForest Parks Commission of which he is a member.

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