DAP meeting notes for October 13, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for October 13, 2014


Next meeting Monday, October 20, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s house, 3922 Partridge Road, Windsor Hill neighborhood, Windsor.



There were 9 people at the October 13th meeting.


Janet discussed campaign strategy for the upcoming November 4 election that she has received from the Democratic coordinated campaign: contact lists, reporting back, voter access network (VAN) database, etc.  Marcia further described the coordinated campaign idea and offered her house for GOTV canvassing.  Janet has been having trouble recruiting volunteers, so be sure to call her.  There is a “practice” scheduled for this weekend.  We collected more sale money from signs sold.  People in the group reported on what they were doing in the campaigns: canvassing, office staffing, signs, letters to the editor, phone calling, etc.  We planned some canvassing and lit drops for the coming week.  Times, dates, and schedules will be set by the coordinated campaign.  We discussed observation at the polls on election day, including observation after the polls close.  We received a handout, “Five ways to help ensure accurate election results.”


We discussed and critiqued the candidates’ forum held at the DeForest Library and hosted by the DeForest Area Chamber of Commerce on October 8th.  Eighty people attended and DAP was well represented in the audience and among the written questions submitted and asked of candidates.


Peter and Marcia registered voters at Epic in Verona and were highly successful, garnering big stacks of registrations.  This was much better than most of Peter and Marcia’s experiences as volunteer registrars.


We discussed gathering on election night to watch the returns and have a party.  Other general political discussion.


Karen reported on a six part seminar she is taking on racial sensitivity.  She said she is taking it because she needed a “booster shot” to bring her up to speed from when she worked in personnel when “the government still cared.”  Most of us being white gives us a limited perspective.  Being racially white is not the norm around the world.  White is “other” in most places throughout the world.  Karen will continue to give us all a little “booster shot” in the coming weeks.  She will also post some things on the websites (DeForestAreaProgressives.nationbuilder.com and WisconsinGrassroots.net).


AND, don’t forget to contact Dan Rowe for 4’x4’ Michelle Zahn for Senate signs.  Dan will deliver and set them up.  Call Dan at 608-235-8732 or 608-846-3496.

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