DAP meeting notes for October 6, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Notes from meeting of October 6, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, October 13, 2014, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., AT JOHN STANLEY’S HOUSE, 412 River Wood Bend, DeForest.  Note new meeting spot.  Thanks, John!  River Wood Bend intersects South Street near the South Street bridge.



There were seven people at the October 6th meeting. 


Most of the meeting was taken up with discussion and planning for the candidates’ forum Wednesday the eighth.  Members were encouraged to have their assigned questions written out and ready to hand in when we arrive.  We will meet at the DeForest Library at 5:45 p.m. and will sit together.  We may go out together afterward to debrief.  (Subsequent plans were made to go to the Rodeside Restaurant with our candidates and members of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network Task Force after the forum.)  Karen handed out sheets of information on the candidates’ sources of donations, which she has spent much time gathering from online sources.  Other forums were discussed such as the one at Edgewood College on Thursday.  Wisconsin Public Television is airing the first of two debates between the gubernatorial candidates on Friday.  Some of our DAP members will bring information to hand out at the Forum Wednesday at the Library.


The question was brought up about the smaller lawn signs we have been handing out being printed by a non-union shop.  SPARC in Sun Prairie refused to take them because they are not union made.  Karen still has fifty that she says she can get to people in Milwaukee who want them.


(On a trip to Platteville, John St. says he saw many of our blue and white 4’x4’ signs in farmers’ fields along the road.  He says there were many more Burke signs than Walker signs.)


Marcia asked each member present for a commitment to whatever level of campaign activity they can muster during these last few weeks before the election.


Some members are making plans to continue voter registrations in the weeks to come.  Peter had some interesting things to say about voter registration and personal anecdotes to share.  We are beginning to appreciate Peter’s sense of humor at the meetings.  J


Ginny and Liz have talked to the staff at the DeForest/Windsor Area Community/Senior Center about providing rides to the polls and helping with voter ID information.


Don’t forget the new site for our next meeting at John Stanley’s house.  See you there.  We will debrief some more on the candidates’ forum and elections, among other topics of interest.

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