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July 7, 2014


Next meeting: Monday, July 14, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m., at the DeForest Library, Room C (downstairs)


There were seven people at the July 7th meeting.


John Stanley told the anecdote about his presentation of the bowl to Ginny for her surgery, contributed by DAP for Ginny's exceptional service.  Good luck, Ginny.


JohnSki presented $25 each to Karen and Marcia for their Netroots conference trip to Detroit, contributed by a donor toward the matching $200 (see previous notes).  The donor enclosed a card that said, "Hi John and DAP, / Thanks for all the work you do in DeForest and Wisconsin.  Please use the enclosed money for the challenge grant or anything else you see fit. / I wish I could be more involved with your group, but my 9 & 11 yr. old keep me busy, especially on Monday nights. / Thanks for keeping me updated on e-mail. / I know this goes back a couple years, but I was able to help clean out your 1st office on CV/Lake St and take a load to the dump.  I got to meet some of you that day before heading to the Capitol. / Thanks again for your efforts and keep up the good work! / Corey King"


There are going to be four meetings at the WindsorTown Hall in the coming four weeks on each Wednesday at 5:30 to discuss the potential change of the municipal structure of the Town of Windsor.  Some of us will attend with an eye to promoting a community bill of rights, as well as learning about what is going on and maybe helping to shape the discussion.


DAP participation in DeForest's big 4th of July celebration was a big success.  The parade float was constructed on Nate's pickup and Nate drove.  Some rode in the bed of the truck, while others walked and handed out information on voter registration.  The theme - Let Freedom Ring - was carried out by ringing bells around a foil construction of a bell.  Karen suggested maybe renting a truck next year, rather than sponging off Nate.  John St. suggested next year we have a theme of "Democracy Float," punning on the truck float and designing a display round ice cream, "I Scream (Ice Cream) for Democracy!"  Er, thanks, John.  Parade participants included John St., Ginny, Jan Moore from SPARC in Sun Prairie, Marcia, Emily, Peg, Karen, and Leonardo.  John St. and Ginny also helped in the Bingo games and helped the day after with cleanup in the park, as a gesture of relationship with the Chamber of Commerce.  Good going, guys and dolls.


There is a possibility that we might be able to get a new office in an old paint building not being used by the Village of DeForest.


Marcia and JohnSki attended a meeting of the Friends of the Upper Yahara River Headwaters (FUYRH) on July 1st.  JohnSki will be attending those monthly meetings, as he is hosting them in his condo complex clubhouse.  The FUYRH was founded in 2006-7 to clean up the river where it runs through DeForest and to participate in other river improvement projects.  Its mission is, "Mission: To enhance and protect the quality of the Yahara River headwaters while educating the community and providing sustainable recreational opportunities."  FUYRH manages several grants such as one that reimburses riparian owners for improving the land edging up to the river.  They sponsor the annual Riverfest, which is September 13th this year.  They run fishing clinics for kids at the Sunfish Pond off Windsor Road: "The kids were catching fish."  There will be the usual fall river cleanup (which DAP has participated in in the past).  Also, a fundraising movie night and beer tent is planned for October 3 or 17 at WesternGreenPark in DeForest.  There is going to be a contract project with Taylor Conservation, Inc., to review past activities of the FUYRH and develop goals and objectives for further future activity.


Karen, Marcia, and John St. attended another community rights meeting in Viroqua, accompanied by Nate Timm of Wisconsin Grassroots Network and Mary Lou Sharpee from Columbus.  This meeting brought together about sixty people who had already attended some of the training put on by CELDF.  They attempted to answer the questions, Where do we go from here? and How do we work with CELDF?  Many jurisdictions around the country are at different stages of activity.  There are different ways to get a Community Bill of Rights ordinance passed by county or municipal ordinance or petition.  Rights have been whittled away over the decades by legislation and court rulings.  CELDF is one of three legal teams poised to do legal work for communities who qualify.  We had much discussion on this topic that I fail to report here.  This will be a continuing item on DAP agendas.

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