DeForest Land Use Plan Revisions

DAP members,

Below you will find answers to questions I put to Mike Centenario regarding the FUDA (Future Urban Development) report for DeForest.  The FUDA report is being used as part of the DeForest Planning and Zoning Commission's deliberations on the review and revision of the village's comprehensive land use master plan.  FYI.


1.         5.1 -- What is streetscaping and way-finding?           

                Streetscaping is a general term referring urban road right of way improvements. Often, these improvements are associated with traffic calming devices, sidewalk conditions, landscaping, street furniture, etc.

Way-finding is a term for signage that directs travelers, both pedestrians and those in vehicles, to various locations, typically public facilities. Way-finding signage is pretty common, and just about everyone has benefited when visiting a new city. Sign directions to the local the high school, library, community center, convention center, and the like are commonly included on way-finding signs.

 2.         8  --   What are stewardship areas?

                 As it pertains to the FUDA study, a stewardship area is an area that is outside the environmental corridor (which is often legally defined based on floodplain and wetlands), but has ecological value. Figuring out how to protect sensitive environmental resources outside of environmental corridors  while allowing additional development is the subject of that recommendation. Development would likely not be prohibited in stewardship areas. Rather, additional design consideration, planning, and management would be needed to ensure that the ecological function of that area was maintained to extent possible.  

 3.         8.2 -- What is pollutant trading?

                 This is a new term for me, so my understanding of pollutant trading is limited. Pollutant trading, also known as water-quality trading, is a market-based approach to managing the amount of pollutants that find their way into our water. The total amount of pollutants permitted to be released into the water is determined, pollutant amounts become commodities, which can then be bought and sold. I think this system, in concept, is very much like the cap and trade system for greenhouse gases.

 4.         16.5 -- What are capture zones for springs?

                 Capture zones are regions that contribute groundwater to the springs. I could be mistaken, but I think of a capture zone includes the ground surface and the sub-surface where groundwater is stored and flows.

 5.         "Issues and Opportunities": Interstate Proposal: Since Conservancy Place was approved in the mid-2000s, roughly 120 housing units were built. None of the planned office/research or mixed use development has occurred.  What is "... the planned and approved non-residential development in Conservancy Place" referred to?  At one time, this was going to be the ABS research park and PUD.

                 The non-residential development in Conservancy Place still refers to the Innovation Springs business park adjacent to the Interstate and commercial and office development planned adjacent to Windsor Road. I have a copy of the preliminary development plans here at Village Hall if you would like to refresh your memory on how these development areas were arranged.

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