Drug test the goobernor

In the December 15, 2012, issue of The Progressive Populist, Jason Stanford of Austin, Texas, takes a few good natured pot shots at Texas Goobernor (oh no, I'm channeling Jim Hightower again!) Rick Perry.  Incidentally, just think, we could have elected Rick Perry president of our United States.  What a thought.  Anyway...

Mr. Stanford writes about the governor's support for a requirement that "welfare" recipients be required to take tests for illegal drug use before they qualify for assistance.  He notes that in Texas, moms with three kids who qualify can get a whopping $260 a month in assistance.  The governor thinks those moms should have to pass a drug test before they get that $260.  Never mind the abortive results of that policy in Florida awhile back.

I think if we accept that sort of thinking in Wisconsin, then, that Governor Walker ought to have to pee in a cup before he gets his government check each month, don’t you?  So should the Fitzgerald brothers.  Come to think of it, now, that's not a bad idea.  What are those guys on?

Mr. Stanford also thinks that corporations, since we now consider them people too, should have to pee in a cup or give up some blood through a needle in the arm before they get their subsidies and tax breaks.  The only trouble with that idea is....

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