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The Volt is still ahead of its time. How's the Leaf doing, anyone know? Hybrids seem to have found their niche. Last two tanks of gas I got 29 mpg on my Camaro, up from low 20's before the big 100,000 mile overhaul a couple of months ago: new plugs, wiring, filters, etc. That's GM's classic V-6 engine in my Camaro.

I'd go all-electric in a second , once the infrastructure and all is in place and the price to buy one comes down. I'd like to see a minimum of around 75 miles per charge too; the Volt's 40 or so just seems a bit too low for me. Once they cost people in the low $20,000's for a new one and people get used to the idea, I think we'll see them become a standard of the commuter-type vehicle. In Europe, where they have a different style of driving and all, they are admired greatly as a car engineered for the future. I wonder what we'll be saying about them five years from now. I'd say they are still a bit on the experimental side yet.

Wonder how the Volt might go over in China?

Heard the other day that LA is getting ready to put a huge new public transit system into place in the immediate future. I think my brother said awhile back that Minneapolis' public transit is heavily used now. Lots of heavily driven corridors are gearing up for the short-rail revolution. I think in twenty or thirty years we'll see the fundamentals of efficient high speed rail between large metro areas too, don't you? Gotta take the load off the airports. Lots of folks are rediscovering train travel. It is good to have lots of alternatives.

The times, they indeed re a-changin'. We'll see how it all goes.

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