Encouraging memo from DPW

John --

The latest national poll numbers out yesterday from the conservative-leaning Rasmussen Reports show that support for Scott Walker is slipping: Walker is now tied with Democratic challenger Mary Burke at 45%.
This is the biggest signal yet that the work we’re doing across the state is breaking through and reaching Wisconsin voters.
With eight months to go, and momentum clearly on our side, we can really swing this election in favor of progressive values.
It’s anyone’s guess whether Walker’s numbers have slipped based solely on his abysmal track record on jobs and the economy or if what little is known about his involvement in criminal activity that sent four of his top aides to jail has moved the dial for Wisconsin voters.
In any case, the Republican Governors Association (Walker’s fellow targets in a second, ongoing criminal corruption probe) is all in with millions of dollars in TV ads attacking Mary Burke’s record in an attempt to change the conversation.
We’ll never match that kind of cash, but the poll numbers prove that when we all pitch in what we can when we can, we can make a big difference. Keep the momentum going by chipping in today:

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