Gilligan vs. Thurston Howell The Third

If you're still wondering whom to vote for on November 6th, here are a few considerations for you.

1. Under whose care are our air and water likely to remain more breathable and drinkable?  Democrats or Republicans?

2. Under whose care is our planet Earth more likely to remain more habitable?

3. Under whose care is our public education more likely to thrive?  Democrats or Republicans?

4. Under whose guidance are our health care systems more likely to meet our health care needs?  Democrats or Republicans?

5. Under whose care are our less fortunate, our poor, our most vulnerable, and those less able to care for themselves more likely to be better cared for?  Democrats or Republicans?

6. Under whose policies are our small business owners, our farmers, our individual capitalistic entrepreneurs more likely to prosper?

7. Under whose governance are large, national and multi-national corporate capitalists likely to dominate pubic policy?  Republicans or Democrats?

8. Under whose direction are our relations with other countries more likely to be based on cooperation?  Under whose direction are they more likely to be based on belligerence?

9. Under whose watchfulness are our public lands, natural resources, parks, and waterways more likely to be maintained?

10. Under whose supervision are our farmlands, food purity and abundance more likely to be preserved?  Democrats or Republicans?

11. Under whose management are our wages, salaries, benefits, retirement, and working conditions more likely to reflect our needs?

12. Are common persons' voices more likely to be heard by Democrats or Republicans?  Will the Bill of Rights and civil rights and liberties be upheld?  Will it be the rule of the many or the rule of the few?

13. How will our transportation systems fare?

14. What will our quality of life be like?

15. Will most peoples' pursuit of happiness be more encouraged under Democrats or Republicans?

To me the choice is clear.  My hope is that you too will give serious thought to these questions, and I hope that you will not let your thinking be dominated inordinately by radio, TV, and mass media pundits on either side.  Think for yourself.

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