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November 27, 2014


DeForest Times-Tribune

The letter-to-the-editor by Doug and Mary Hudzinski, which appeared in your November 27th issue, could not have been more true.  I agree completely with what they wrote.  The Hudzinskis’ letter touched on so many issues, it is difficult to itemize my support for their statements in this short space.  Let it suffice to list a few of them: health care reform, fair taxation, banking regulation, living wage, economic stimulus, unions and the right to collective bargaining, environmental stewardship, the corporate takeover of our representative form of government.  I hope your readers will return to the Hudzinskis’ letter in the November 27th issue to review it in detail.  It is worth a second reading.  

The Republican sweep of the recent elections surprised and disappointed me too, although I must say I was proud of voters in DeForest and Windsor, in that we supported the Democratic candidates with wins locally.  In DeForest and Windsor, Mary Burke defeated Scott Walker for governor.  Democrat George Ferriter defeated incumbent Keith Ripp in DeForest (although to be fair, Mr. Ripp won Windsor by fifty–one percent).  Mary Arnold defeated incumbent John Jagler in DeForest and Windsor.  Incumbent Democratic Assembly Representative Diane Hesselbein won by a lot over her challenger, Brent Renteria.  Even newcomer Michelle Zahn won by a large margin in DeForest over strong incumbent Senator Scott Fitzgerald.  Statewide, voters overwhelmingly approved referendums in support of BadgerCare/Medicaid and raising the minimum wage, both progressive ideals.

It gives me some comfort to know that DeForest and Windsor appear to favor Democrats.  That puts the DeForest area in good progressive company with the rest of Dane County, even though we were beaten overall statewide and across the country.  Doug and Mary and my fellow Democrats and progressive believers out there, do not lose heart!  Our turn will come again when the proverbial pendulum swings.

The progressive and Democratic approach took a hit in this election, even though we voters in DeForest and Windsor did our part to support it.  It is gratifying to know that voters in the DeForest area are in the progressive camp, even though it is going to be a long dry spell for our ideals.


John Scepanski


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