Meeting Notes, 9/17/12

DeForest Area Progressives (D.A.P.)

Meeting September 17, 2012

John's Notes


Fourteen members met from 6:00 to 8:00 at HQ, 6610 Lake Road, Windsor, Wisconsin.  It was a rousing meeting, one of the most energetic we’ve had recently!  Behave, you all!  There is a lot going on at D.A.P.


Mary S. made sure we were all set for the movie showing this Saturday of Gasland, the documentary about fracking and drilling.  Good going, Mary, and you others who have worked to make this project go!  Some of us will be meeting this Saturday afternoon at HQ to set up.  Social hour (i.e., half-hour) is at 6:30, movie 7:00 to 8:30, and discussion led by John-Ski after the movie.  Keep talking it up and bring your friends and neighbors.


Ginny and John G. reported on the sign they are putting on John's truck for election day, complete with message, lights, maybe music, and other hoopla.  J   John St. is also involved with this.  Wanna be in on it too? See one of the above.


Marcia reported on this weekend's canvassing jointly with OFA (Obama for America).  About 20 people anticipated from Portage and other surrounding areas, including D.A.P., of course.  Almost all of the target districts were covered.  Well done, people!  The group put together and distributed a packet that included President Obama, Mary Arnold, Paula Cooper, and Tammy Baldwin.


Karen reported on her and Judy's attendance at the Village of DeForest Planning and Zoning Commission's public hearing and regular meeting, in which the new changes to the DeForest signage ordinance were discussed.  John-Ski had also checked in on it at the Village Hall with Mike Centenario, the Village Planner, and let Mike know of D.A.P. interest.  There is a copy of the new ordinance changes available at D.A.P. HQ.  Karen said the issue involved mostly a need to allow for a commercial sign at the new high school stadium in a residentially zoned neighborhood.  Also involved are requirements for entrance signs to the village.  Mr. Centenario said that it had to do with appeal at the entrances to the village.  It does not appear as though any of this will affect our on-going political and message sign projects.  Be that as it may, we once again let our presence be known.


Carl reported on his membership and attendance at the VillageParks and Natural Resources Committee.  Further reports on this committee will be forthcoming from Carl.  Other D.A.P. members are encouraged to find a local government committee they might be interested in and volunteer for appointment by going to the Village or Town Halls and filling out a form.


Frank led a discussion on this Saturday's Yahara River Cleanup, sponsored by Friends of the Yahara.  We should hook up with that organization as a sister outfit with similar interests.  Volunteers will meet at VeteransPark in DeForest for assignment to a section of river to work on.  Bring tools you have such as saws and chain saws, boots and work clothes.  Work will include brush removal and trash pickup.  The event is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but you can work any period of time.  D.A.P.-ers are meeting at 10:00 a.m. at the park to work together and let it be known that our organization is there in a group: more community networking.  Further information can be found at the Friends of the Yahara website.


John Glowacki told about the changes he perceives are coming to The Mic and other progressive radio.  He sees more recorded programming that does not allow for call-in.  He sees programming on Sundays being replaced with sports broadcasting.  He thinks there might be a conspiracy afoot to disrupt liberal radio programming.  There is a new source called "Progressive Voices" that people can check out, having to do with internet, web, IPad, etc., access to progressive radio.  There is also Tune-in Radio and Head-on Radio.  It might be a good idea for D.A.P. to start a resources list or file, where interested parties can go to find these sorts of alternatives, books, magazines, videos, etc.


Isabelle reported that the food collection project for the striking workers at Palermo in Milwaukee is going well.  Much non-perishable food was collected last night for her, Ginny, and other D.A.P. members to take in a van down to Centro Hispano.  Isabelle and Ginny will represent D.A.P. in this worthy and serious project.


Someone mentioned that a new CostCo is opening soon in Sun Prairie and that the CEO of CostCo is an active supporter of President Obama.


The Wisconsin Grassroots Network Festival is scheduled for February 16th.  Tens of thousands were in attendance last year (just kidding, but there were hundreds).  There will be a Grassroots fundraiser October 7th at the Lake Wisconsin Country Club (note: Lake Wisconsin, not LakeWindsor) in SaukCity.  Make a dessert to be auctioned off or participate in the silent auction.  There will be a meal served, a bar, singing, and other entertainment.  It was a blast last year and promises to be the same this year.  By the way, the Wisconsin Grassroots Network (WGN) steering committee meets at our D.A.P. HQ and will be there this Wednesday; drop in if you like.


John St. reported that there will be a voter registrars' meeting this Wednesday at D.A.P. HQ.


John also said that message-sign painters are needed.


There is a fundraiser October 27th at Rude's Lanes for the people whose house recently burned down.


Due to John St.'s efforts, we made $50 from button manufacture and sales at Bob Fest last Saturday.  Yay, John-boy!  Other D.A.P. members attended Bob Fest as well and reported another great time, meeting and mingling with progressive soul-sisters&brothers from all over the midwest and the country, as usual.


Carl went to a breakout session at Bob Fest that had to do with mining, and he passed around some literature he picked up there on iron mining.  There was also discussion of the adverse effects of silicon sand mining for fracking drilling operations.  Frank attended the session too and said that it seems that some blasting is done to get the sand out, and the blasting is suspected of leaving minute particles of silicon in the air, which are then breathed in.  Also, it is suspected that fine particles are left on plant life, which can then be ingested if eaten.  Mary noted that even though Wisconsin is not on the maps describing where fracking is being done, Wisconsin figures in prominently due to the big sand mining operations here.


John St. mentioned something as well about the dangers of wire electrical transmission.


Al Greene brought back some information from the monthly Dane County Democratic Party meeting last week (John Scep., Cindy, and Beth attended too).  Al's information stemmed from his meeting Ethan Corson there.  Ethan is Deputy Voter Protection Coordinator for OFA.  A handout was provided on voter protection and is available at D.A.P. HQ.  Contact Ethan at [email protected] or 608-556-1302.  We all heard a lot about regional Wisconsin plans to get President Obama re-elected, Tammy elected to Senate, and other campaign efforts.  "Fired up!  Ready to go!"


Finally, Mary informed us of an upcoming event at MATC on October 11-13: the Economic Democracy Convention.


Good work, one-and-all!  See you Saturday and/or at next Monday's meeting, 6 - 8:00 p.m., the 24th, at 6610, the usual.


John Scepanski

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