Meeting notes for April 14, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes

April 14, 2014


Next meeting April 21, 2014, at Isabel's, 816 South Street, DeForest, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

There were seven people at the April 14th meeting.

Ginny checked with the village of DeForest on use of VeteransPark to collect signatures on Mary Burke and John Lehman nomination papers for governor and lt. governor.  We may use the parking lot for free, but we must pay a fee to use the park itself or the gazebo.  If we use the parking lot, we must post any signs on our cars -- none may be mounted on the pavement or draped over the signs in the park or the lot.  Janet provided petition forms to all present, along with clipboards and pens.  You may begin tomorrow to collect signatures from your friends and neighbors.  Janet also instructed us about rules for gathering signatures and how to fill out the forms properly.  Most of us were veteran signature gatherers from previous elections and the Walker recall campaign, but it was good to review anyway.  Thank you, Janet and Ginny.   The DPW (Democratic Party of Wisconsin) told Janet that signatures may be gathered starting April 15th, and they want the sheets in by May 10th for checking and collection to put them in shape to be turned in.  AT NEXT WEEK'S MEETING, MONDAY APRIL 21ST, WE WILL SCHEDULE WORKERS FOR SHIFTS AT VETERANS PARK, SO IF YOU INTEND TO WORK ON SIGNATURE GATHERING, BE SURE TO BE AT NEXT  WEEK'S MEETING.

We had a discussion on our ongoing signs project.  Ginny and Liz have finished six new "big red" signs (4' x 5'), and they are almost ready to be mounted at the designated locations.  WAY TO GO GINNY ANDLIZ!  Go to to see what the signs are accomplishing.  John St. suggested we host a sign painting party both for fun and to get some more signs painted, also to teach newcomers how to do it.  Maybe this could be a Progressive Partners party.  We might include Mary Arnold and George Ferriter signs in the party's activities to help support some of our candidates.  Everyone present agreed that this is a good idea and we should do it.

John St. brought up the fact that there is confusion as to when and where the April quarterly meeting of Progressive Partners is going to be.  He and Wisconsin Grassroots Network thought that maybe DeForest Area Progressives should step in to host the April meeting.  After some discussion, it was the consensus that we should not interfere in other groups's business.  If the April meeting takes place, fine.  If it does not, well, SPARC has already announced it is going to host the June meeting as a picnic in or near Sun Prairie.  So be it.

Janet passed out a flyer from #NOKXL on activities planned to express opposition to and hopefully to thwart the building of the KXL oil pipeline.  Go to for further info.  Sign the pledge, if you are so inclined, at  Be aware that this is a series exercise in civil disobedience if you go the full mile with it.  Ginny mentioned that the pipeline ladies are getting very well organized.

We should include voter registration with our 4th of July planned activities.  The primary election is August 12th, and registration activities must stop 20 days before elections.  Considering that Governor Walker has signed into law five bills restricting voting rights, it is imperative that we pursue voter registration, as we have in the past.

Karen displayed her water drop brooch or lapel pin in solidarity with the ladies of the BadRiver tribe.  No to pollution from metallic mining in Wisconsin.

Come to Monday's meeting to be a part of nomination papers signature gathering in support of Mary Burke and John Lehman.

                                          (John Scepanski's notes)

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