Meeting notes for April 7th and March 31, 2014

DeForest Area Progressives

Notes to meeting of April 7, 2014

Next meeting: Monday, April 14, 2014, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at Isabel's 816 South Street, DeForest

There were eight people at the April 7th meeting.  John reported a balance of $205.66 in our checking account as of the end of March.

We hashed out a review of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network sixth annual festival at WisconsinHeightsHigh School in Mazomanie.  "We want your ideas."  DAP had a significant presence at the festival and helped much in its planning and execution.

Marcia led a discussion on what do you see in the future for DAP that is important to you:

  • in community
  • fun things
  • with other groups
  • political, non-political
  • SPARC (Sun Prairie) does a lot of non-political, community things like great books group, food pantry, and meals for kids
  • Ginny said she thinks we should do more in our own backyard -- non-political things like DANN (DeForest Area Needs Network), food pantry, Friends of the Upper Yahara River Headwaters
  • Shirley said she doesn't know DeForest and Windsor well enough yet but wants to get to know them better.
  • Leo: community environmental bill of rights, yes!
  • Karen: outreach to Morrisonville progressives
  • Janet: support Mary Burke for governor; also schools, reading with kids program
  • 4th of July parade participation again this year; volunteer to help with the parade too
  • Norskie Nibbles
  • Blessings in a Backpack
  • voter registration; and voter registration at high schools

Karen passed out a flyer on what products manufactured by the Koch brothers can be boycotted.

Janet briefed us on the effort statewide and county (Dane) wide to gather signatures on Mary Burke's nomination papers.  We set up plans to do so, including a post at VeteransPark in DeForest like the station we set up there to gather signature on the recall petitions.  More on this at next week's meeting; also nomination signatures for Mary Arnold, Diane Hesselbein, and George Ferriter.

Discussion on sign projects and


Some quick notes from the March 31, 2014, meeting:

Getting $200 maybe from WGN for all work done for festival

Discussion and plans for election work

April 22nd Earth Day Conference

May 22 CELDF workshop in Viroqua

May 1st Heather and The Progressive magazine at Monona Terrace, Diane Ravitch; search Diane Ravitch internet for details

Much discussion on local electoral politics, including speculation about DaneCounty tea party activity and ALEC influence

"Tons of leafleting" done by DAP members and associates - THANKS!

We distributed at least 2000 pieces of literature for the move-to-amend referendums - GOOD GOING!  Special thanks to Janet for her unwavering efforts.

More discussion on further move-to-amend efforts all over

Karen -- "Not to Be Used for Bribing Politicians" currency stamps. J

Ginny needs new place for sign painting

Janet - OFA DaneCounty team, Mary Burke, Janet will keep us in the game

Marcia - peaceful actions at Senator Tiffany's office

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