Meeting notes for March 9, 2015

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes for Monday, March 9, 2015


Next meeting: Monday, March 16, 2015, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s, 3922 Partridge Road, Windsor Hills neighborhood.  Draft agenda to follow.


Be sure to visit our website and sign up for “What’s in YOUR Water?” April 11th.  Only three people have signed up so far!          

Come on!  Click on Home and then click on the What’s in YOUR Water? page.  Scroll down and RSVP.  Do it now.


There were seven people at the March 9, 2015, meeting.  Ginny announced that Shawn Haney, Vienna town clerk, will be at our March 23rd meeting to talk about the manure digester and water protection.  Those of you who haven’t been to a meeting in awhile, please come so that we make a good impression on Shawn.


Beth Trotter stopped by before the meeting got started on her way to the school board meeting, where she said they were going to talk more about the new “badge” system of career development for teachers.  Beth thanked Marcia and John for testifying at a recent school board meeting on behalf of the teachers.  The teachers really appreciated the boost from an outside source.  We discussed the school issues some more before the regular meeting got started.  Most of the DAP members present said they were going to vote against the referendum April 7th for various reasons.  One member said he was going to vote for the referendum. 


There are other items of interest on the April 7th ballot, too: three school board members, Jason Hanson for municipal judge (DeForest and Windsor share a joint municipal court). The town of Windsor has three unchallenged town board members on the ballot and one sewerage district representative.  Most progressives endorse Justice Ann Walsh Bradley for re-election to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  There is also a referendum on changing the Wisconsin Constitution to elect the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  The Chief is now chosen by seniority time on the court.  The change is widely seen as a ploy by conservatives and Republicans to remove Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.  DAP recommends a no vote on that referendum.


Bill passed out a draft of an evaluation form for the “What’s in YOUR Water?” event April 11th.  He asked for feedback and to discuss it more next meeting.  JohnSki reported on publicity emails he had written to most of the churches in the DeForest Times-Tribune church directory and the list received from Corie Hoffman at the village office of organizations in the DeForest area.  Ginny is going to post some posters.  There will be two ads placed in the DeForest Times-Tribune and the Hometown Shopper.  JohnSki will make sure all the Progressive Partners organizations and all of the DAP members on the email list get a notice and a promotion to sign up on the website and come to the event April 11th.  Bill will promote it on his canvassing trips too.


Karen showed us about a dozen maps she has gleaned from here and there of industrial pollution in Dane County: pipelines, railroads, CAFOs (big industrial farm operations), etc.  About 1500 cities draw water from Lake Michigan.  There is talk of a pipeline from the Great Lakes to Arizona.  We discussed these topics extensively.


The Wisconsin Grassroots Network seventh annual festival is scheduled for March 28, 2015, again at Wisconsin Heights High School near Mazomanie.  Go to for details.  Several DAP members are working on the festival again, as in past years, on sign-up, staffing tables, giving and facilitating presentations.  We will have an information table in the hallway.  John Stanley is organizing the info. table project for WGN.


Bill said that many organizations such as Trout Unlimited, Clean Wisconsin, the Sierra Club, and many others are upset about the proposed state budget now under consideration by the Wisconsin legislature.  They are all petitioning and keeping as vocal as possible on the issues.  They emphasize over and over again how valuable it is to call, email, and write legislators.


Come to the next meeting on March 16th and get involved.

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