meeting notes for Mrch 23, 2015

DeForest Area Progressives

Meeting notes from March 23, 2015


Next meeting: Monday, March 30, 2015, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Ginny’s, 3922 Partridge Road, Windsor Hills neighborhood.


There were nine people at the March 23rd meeting.




  • If you have items for the silent auction at the WGN Festival this coming weekend, get them to John Stanley, Ginny, or Karen to take when they go for set-up.
  • If you can, go to the Rodeside Grill Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. to help stuff packets for the WGN Festival.
  • There will be a legislative Joint Finance Committee listening session on the proposed state budget this Thursday in Reedsburg.


There are at least seven and maybe more DAP members volunteering and helping at the WGN Festival this weekend!


Ginny got 25 Ann Walsh Bradley for Supreme Court lawn signs.  Janet took 12.  Frank took 4.  Others are taking individual signs to put in their own lawn.  Ginny and others will be selling the remaining signs at the WGN Festival.


Karen reported on the Tar Sands meeting she attended along with about 200 other people in Lake Mills.  Pipelines 61 and 66 will add 560,000 (!) barrels A DAY to the …er… substance being piped through Wisconsin.  Karen is writing up her notes from the meeting, which she will share online and at a future meeting.  Karen talked to Patrick Myles, Dane County Supervisor and member of the Zoning Committee, about his meeting with “Taconite Tom” Tiffany, the senator who is pushing the pipelines, iron mining in northern Wisconsin, and other things like that.  The senator wondered why Patrick is opposed to economic development and new jobs.  Guess he just don’t get it, huh?


Most of the meeting was engaged with Shawn Haney, Clerk of the Town of Vienna.  Shawn told us about the manure digester run by Clear Horizons company in the Town of Vienna.  It is not going well and the company is looking to sell the digester.  An agreement was signed with the town in 2010 and the digester went into operation in spring of 2011.  Shawn shared a lot of detail, which is too much to type up here.  We learned much about towns and how they operate and what is going on with the Town of Vienna.  Did you know that there are more cows than people in the Town of Vienna?  (about 6000 cows and about 1500 people :-)  The town is dedicated to farm production with a little bit of commercial development around the interstate for operating revenue.  We look forward to working with Shawn and the town more in the future.


Marcia attended the Town of Windsor board meeting on non-metallic mining.  Some people are worried that the town is not protected enough against abuses.  Ginny said we should make sure the needed rules and regulations are in place to control these operations.  There is going to be one more meeting on the subject before the board makes its decisions on what conditions to place on mining operations in the town.  You can go to the town website for detailed information on this subject.


Ginny put out 27 flyers in area businesses advertising the April 11th “What’s in Your Water?” event we are holding at the DMB Windsor Neighborhood Center from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.  Way to go, Ginny!   Go to our website to RSVP and sign up to be there.     

Ginny is coordinating snacks for the event: John St. is bringing his nacho machine, pretzels, fruit, water (Bill is going to approach the Culligan company to donate bottled water – there will be no soda or other adulterated drinks at the event), Karen is bringing water drop shaped cookies.  Bill will be meeting again soon with presenters.  Marcia is trying to get a representative from the Token Creek water conservancy to attend (she did).  Bill said there will be materials from the Sierra Club and Trout Unlimited.  John St. is contacting more associated groups.  JohnSki sent out numerous emails to area institutions and organizations, and elected officials and their staffs.  Bill has been canvassing neighborhoods east of Highway 51 and mentioning the event in his contacts.  He has sheets of information on how to contact your elected representatives, as half of our goals include how to get some action done on the matters.  Bill will put together the packets.  We provided input on what to put in them. 


Thanks again to the Village of DeForest for providing a $1,400 grant through the Friends of the Yahara River Headwaters to help offset expenses for “What’s in Your Water?”


Bill described a letter he got from Clean Wisconsin about what is in the proposed state budget, and it does not look good for water conservation.  For just one example, the budget cuts back the DNR’s Science Service staff.


On the April 7th election coming up, Karen coached us on absentee voting.  We are recommending a no vote on State Issue 1 – the selection of the Supreme Court Chief Justice.


We decided to postpone a decision on the issue of changing the DAP meeting date and time to help the Wisconsin Grassroots network change their meeting date and time.


Who is going to the state Democratic Convention in June?  The big item there will be the selection of a new state executive director to replace Mike Tate.


With Marcia going out of town for a couple of months, we selected Ginny to facilitate the next meeting at her house.  Who wants to be a future facilitator?

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