Notes from January 20, 2014, meeting

DeForest Area Progressives (DAP)

Meeting notes for January 20, 2014



  1. Monday's meeting, January 27th, will be at the "Maureen McCarville for DaneCounty Board" fundraiser at Dawn Fish's house, 6822 Valiant Drive, Windsor.  Special guest is Dane County Executive Joe Parisi.  Bring your checkbook.  It is estimated that these days it costs around $10,000 to run a successful campaign for DaneCounty Board.  The affair is scheduled from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. with the DAP meeting to follow until 8:00. 
  2. This Saturday, January 25th, DAP is hosting the quarterly meeting of Progressive Partners at the DMB Windsor Neighborhood Center, 4438 Windsor Road, Windsor from 9:30 a.m. (registration 9:30 - 10:00) to 2:00 p.m.  Helpers are needed at 8:00 a.m. to set up tables & chairs, etc., as well as clean-up after 2:00.


There were 7 people present at January 20th's meeting of DAP.


We reviewed responsibilities for next Saturday's meeting of Progressive Partners at the DMBWindsorNeighborhoodCenter.  I you are coming, don't forget to bring something to share at the potluck noontime luncheon.  The program will feature Marcia Riquelme's workshop on messaging the Lakoff way through framing language.


At our meeting this evening was a special guest, Mike Basford, Chair of the Democratic Party of Dane County.  Mike shared a pot load of information with us, only a fragment of which I share with you below.


Maureen McCarville has two challengers in her run for re-election to the DaneCounty Board, thus necessitating a primary in February.  There are only seven contested races this year for CountyBoard.  The large majority of progressive board members is not being taken for granted, and the party is putting resources into all of the races to win them and retain the big progressive majority.  Much work has been put into the effort to obtain that majority by Mike and others in the county party structure.  They have worked also to elect local board members to school boards, town boards, and village and city boards.  Mike took note of the fact that there are only two incumbents running for three seats on the DeForest Village Board.


In regard to the last sentence immediately above, John Scepanski erred last meeting in putting his name up as a wrote-in candidate for that DeForest Village Board seat. Please DO NOT write John's name in for that position.  He cannot accept the call.


Mike noted that the successes in electing progressives over the past few years have resulted in much good, progressive legislation being enacted by boards in DaneCounty, especially the DaneCounty Board.  Mike described the legislative atmosphere in the State Capitol as "war."  Much ultra-conservative legislation is being passed.


Regarding this fall's elections, Mike said, "I think we have an excellent opportunity to retire Scott Walker."  Mary Burke is working tirelessly already in all counties to do that.  Mike described her style of campaign to be like that of Tammy Baldwin in her successful campaign to win the U.S. Senate seat; that is, Mary is meeting all over the state with all sizes of groups from all sectors of all communities to get herself and her policies known..  Mary Burke will be at the February 12th meeting of the Democratic Party of Dane County.  All are encouraged to attend.  Responding to questions from Liz, Mike listed some of Mary Burke's asserts:

  • her business background
  • her understanding of struggling peoples' needs that the GOP does not seem to fathom
  • her acceptance among minorities and people of color
  • her knowledge of how to manage teams to get things done.


Mike noted the tremendous assets that Kathleen Vinehout brings to the legislature and sees a bright future for her, maybe running for Ron Kind's position in the U.S. Congress, as Kind has said he might run for U.S. Senate.


Other discussion included campaign financing, environmental stewardship, the state Dem Party of Wisconsin's "Red to Blue" strategy to win back some of the seats in the "red" zones of Wisconsin, and a book recommendation, The Hero's Workbook.


Frank Dederich said that he, Dawn and Terry Fish erected three signs over the weekend.  Way to go, guys!




John Scepanski

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