November 18, 2013 meeting notes

DeForest Area Progressives

meeting notes

November 18, 2013


NOTE THAT THERE WILL BE NO MEETING NOVEMBER 25TH, DUE TO THE HOLIDAY.  Next meeting will be Monday, December 2nd, 6:00 - 8:00, at Dawn Fish's with special guest, Dane County DA Ismail Ozanne, candidate for Attorney General.  Dawn's address is 6822 Valiant Drive in Windsor.


Seven people and two big, friendly dogs met at Schutte's house.

Ginny and Marcia had made a field trip to Platteville on behalf of Wisconsin Grassroots Network to meet with representatives of school districts.  We discussed the problem with working together when individual organizations "silo" themselves.  That is, the organizations become too narrowly focused on their own turf and subject matter to see how they relate to and can operate effectively with each other.  Much of the discussion surrounded unions and union problems.  Retirement funds were discussed.  Terminology was addressed such as the use of "earned benefits," rather than "entitlements."

Eileen shared her particular interests in health care, nutrition, and environmental issues.  She is a nutritionist by profession.  The discussion turned to the Affordable Care Act and its implementation.

During a lengthy discussion on the move-to-amend subject, it was noted that the Windsor Town Board is meeting Thursday to determine whether they want to put a referendum on the ballot in April like the one in DeForest and Waunakee.  It is an item on their agenda.  John will attend along with Janet, who is scheduled to give a short presentation.  (Good news!  Note that the board did pass a motion, directing their attorney to draft a resolution to place the move-to-amend issue on the April ballot.  They will discuss wording at their next meeting and probably pass an implementing resolution then.)  Remember too that the Village of DeForest move-to-amend referendum resolution comes up again at the DeForest Village Board meeting on December 3rd with Trustee Dixon Gahnz sponsoring the little changes we asked him to make in the resolution.  It will be a substitute resolution that the board will vote on again, so some DAP attendance is desirable.  John intends to be there and will welcome other bodies in support.

Further on the move-to-amend issue, we discussed the invitation to John Nichols to present in DeForest/Windsor sometime in January or February in support of the referendums.  Dawn has tried to contact John but has not heard back from him yet.

Even further on move-to-amend, Mary threw out an idea that has been done in other jurisdictions to promote yes votes on move-to-amend referendums: an art show and essay contest.  Mary knows artists who have participated in these shows in the past, and she herself has a quilt she made for one of them.  Dawn and Karen volunteered to help Mary get it done.  They will report back at future meetings.

The sign committee ought to consider at least one sign with a move-to-amend theme.

Speaking of the signs projects, the website ( is not quite up yet.  Chris M. has the prose material ready to support the short phrases on the big red signs.  The big red signs are ready to go up in the DeForest/Windsor area.  The "Burma Shave" signs are not ready yet.

Mary reported on the KXL pipeline.  See her email that went out to 100 DeForest area progressives regarding a training in how to protest (and get arrested!) if the pipeline gets approved.  Karen mentioned also the Enbridge pipeline that goes through Michigan and Wisconsin and under Lake Michigan.  There was a horrific spill in Michigan a couple of years ago.  The substance that is sent through those pipelines is heated, liquified sludge that is very dirty and corrosive.  It is sent to U.S. refineries for processing and then sold overseas.

Karen and Marcia went to Eau Claire last Friday to hear a presentation put on by Dr. Crispin Pierce of UW-Eau Claire, Dr. Michael McCawley of West Virginia University, and Bob Kincaid of A.C.H.E. (Appalachian Community Health Emergency) on "Dangers Unseen: Blasting, Ultra-fine Particles and Human Health."  The particles are the size of a human hair and can go through membranes to cause health hazards.  Karen demonstrated with a visual aid she made.  The particles come from coal mines and sand mines.  The subject is, of course, directly pertinent to sand mining in Wisconsin.

Let's plan to have a good turnout for Ismail Ozanne at the December 2nd meeting.  Dawn used to work for him as his secretary, so let's make Dawn look good.

Oh yeah, the date of January 18th has been set for our hosting Progressive Partners.  Please put it on your calendars and be prepared to discuss logistics and substance for the agenda.  We will be talking about it at every DAP meeting between now and then.

         - John Scepanski, informal and unassigned recorder and note-taker

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