Legislative Scorecards for Legislative Session Ended Spring/Summer 2014

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin - 2011-2012 scorecard ONLY (not for current year - this may be because no legislation impacting a woman's right to choose was brought for a vote during the current session)

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter (State of Wisconsin) - Legislative Scorecard 2013-2014 

United Wisconsin - Democracy Scorecard 2013 document

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters - Link to website where you can download this year's (and past years') scorecards

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce Voting Record (This is the largest BUSINESS lobbying group in Wisconsin. You may want to see which legislators THEY like!) An interesting sidelight is to check what WMC set out to do for the current session in their Legislative Agenda and compare it to what they actually accomplished!

Wisconsin Professional Police Association — How Legislators Will Be Scored  - actual 2013 scorecard document!


General Rating of Wisconsin State Government Performance

Open Legislative Data Report Card - Comparing how state legislatures make their data publicly available. (From the About Sunlight Foundation)


General Voter Information 

League of Women Voters in Wisconsin  - (Voter Education) - 


The following information duplicates information on the main Resources page. This is for your convenience should you be looking at a contributor and want to quickly see if there is a scorecard from that group!

Where They Get Their Money

WI State Legislators and Da Guv: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign-Campaign Finance Database

Federal Legislators and Presidential Elections: Open Secrets.Org 


"Dark Money" - PACs and 501(c)4s and other special interest groups NOT "directly coordinated" with candidates

 Open Secrets.Org Outside Spending Analysis (Federal Elections)  Who are the Biggest Lobbyists?



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