Talking Points

What reports tell about quality of Charter Schools, Voucher Schools and effect on our kids:


We have the opportunity to invest in Wisconsin


Background: Governor Walker will release his proposed 2013-15 Wisconsin State Budget in mid-February. The last two-year budget oversaw the largest combined cuts to state education aid in Wisconsin history.

Core message: We can do better this time around – and with a project $1.5 billion surplus, we have the opportunity to reinvest in our schools.

Talking points:

Invest in our future

  • ·         We can rebuild after the largest combined state aid cut in Wisconsin history. It’s time for Wisconsin to re-invest in its public schools, support educators, and work collaboratively to build strong community connections.
  • ·         A $1.5 billion state surplus should be used for students, not more corporate bailouts. Wisconsin public schools are reeling from historic cuts to education funding, and it’s time for solutions that improve neighborhood schools – not weaken them.
  • ·         State Superintendent Tony Evers has a Fair Funding plan that is a path for the future and benefits every school district in the state. Legislators should use this plan as a model for school funding reform.

Protect public education

  • ·         Privatization is not the answer – let’s put resources behind the public schools we know work and lead to student success.
  • ·         Parents have told us they want opportunities for children and a well-rounded education for all students.

Boost the economy

  • ·         The bottom line is there is no better return on investment to taxpayers than public schools.
  • ·         Successful public schools prepare children to be good citizens and realize their full potential.
  • ·         Strong public schools and vibrant local economies go hand-in-hand, helping students graduate with skills needed for the workforce and attracting businesses to our communities.