Tiffany and Ballweg Introduce Kneecap Legislation!

Please Call Sen. Tom Tiffany -608-226-2509  TODAY!  

Protest the legislation LRB 3146/1 & LRB 3408/1 relating to Local Regulation of Nonmetallic Mining, making the DNR the only unit of government able to set legal regulations of water and air quality for all cities, villages, towns, and counties in Wisconsin. ON MONDAY, OCTOBER 21, he asks for final sponsors of this bill he plans to propose passed on fast track! We must let his office know we are unhappy.

If this legislation passes, it gives DNR overriding control over the zoning and air/water quality standards throughout all  specific governmental bodies in the state, it will not have enough employees to oversee the actual carrying out of the law, nor does the DNR view itself as a regulatory agency, only a 'permitting' agency! This is based on a statement by Cathy Stepp, the Director of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  

Demonstrating its low priority on oversight and regulation: The DNR, at present has only two regulators assigned to mining operations and the water and air affected by the mining activity. There are over 120 mines permitted with several awaiting permits. It is impossible for the DNR to carry out such a responsibility all over the region at the same time.   To date, the DNR has provided a list of General Standards to which mining operations must attempt to comply, but we repeat, the DNR has stated it is not a Regulatory Agency but an agency that focuses on permitting resource use. To date, there  are many violations still unmitigated as of 2 years ago! Although the office hotline is very courteous and explains what concerned citizens should do if they notice or experience an environmental violation, we are aware of more than 17 violations not resolved and have had multiple reports about them.   The DNR could ask the Attorney General to pursue these violations, but very few cases have been addressed, leaving the door open to multiple violations and lack of concern by the mining companies. 

Also call Assembly Rep. Joan Ballweg (608) 266-8077 - co-sponsor.

Please Note: MANY great groups are worried about this legislation: 

Tell Legislators: Don't Kneecap Local Communities. Don't Sign On to LRB 3146!

Senator Tom Tiffany's bill (LRB 3146) prevents local governments from passing protections for their own air and water quality and water quantity. It prevents local governments from even monitoring their air and water quality and water quantity. And then it goes yet another step by removing any remaining barriers to frac sand mining specifically.

No one knows better than local governments how to identify and address public health threats. That's why, over the years, communities have come to rely on their local authorities to be the first line of defense in protecting their air and water. This bill strips them of that power.

We are going to put every ounce of our energy into stopping this bill in its tracks. We're asking for your help because we can't do it without you.

Please take action right away. But consider doing more - share this alert with your friends and networks  

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We have also heard from the Crawford Stewardship Project, the Madison Action for Mining Alternatives and the Concerned Chippewa Citizens (Pat Popple's group).







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  • Karen Edson
    commented 2014-03-07 11:24:58 -0600
    They did it AGAIN! SB632 and AB816 are EVEN WORSE clones of this legis and are up for votes 3/11/14 in senate and 3/18 in Assby. CALL TO URGE NO VOTES!!!
  • Karen Edson
    published this page in Environmental Blog 2014-03-07 11:23:05 -0600
  • Karen Edson
    commented 2013-10-17 14:37:23 -0500
    Kneecaps for sand mines. Big government in Washington bad…Big government in Madison good? Makes no sense to me…but it must to Tiffany & Ballweg?