WHY should Wisconsin Grassroots Network and all communities care about and resist the formalization of the Trans-Pacific- Partnership and other similar trading agreements? What does it matter if we sit back and wait for legislators at the Federal level represent us in this matter?? The TPP will affect the health and future of all communities. It surpasses, in its proposed control, the validity of all democratic processes and local control of essential self-government down to the most local level. It will control access to our most basic resources, even air, water and land-use. There has never been such a comprehensive global agreement that reaches into the lives of all beings on earth. The TPP is secretive, it is far from respecting the autonomy of all societies. We are heading towards a legislative disaster of planetary proportions but affecting every level of economic and social structures! 

In our history, so many worthy legislative and policy changes emerge from a concentrated ground-swell of public opinion. The sooner we all speak up, stand up, step in, against any policy that is dangerous or damaging to the  world's well-being, the better!   Apartheid was dismantled by the pressure created through countless methods of generating awareness. Finally, it was overcome.

The Trans -Pacific-Partnership, along with its Fast Track legislation designation is the largest trade agreement negotiated since the World Trade Organization (WTO). It covers 12 countries so far and includes provisions that reach beyond issues of trade. The full contents of the TPP are unknown because it has been negotiated with unprecedented secrecy; however, it is clear from what has been revealed that the TPP gives transnational corporations the power to alter our laws down to the local level to enhance and protect their profits.

To pass the TPP, Obama has been granted Fast Track Trade Promotion Authority from Congress, which would give the president the ability to negotiate and sign the agreement before it is presented to Congress for a limited debate and an up-or-down vote without amendments. Fast Track, which has been used to pass other undesirable trade deals like the WTO and NAFTA, would prohibit a transparent and democratic process. 

To ensure that the Trans-Pacific Partnership do not become law, we need to continue to build grass-roots pressure. In addition to contacting Congress, activists are organizing to pass local laws saying their community will not obey the TPP because it is being passed in secrecy, without their consent and taking away their ability to legislate for the benefit of their community. And activists are strengthening their ties with the global community by coordinating efforts to stop the TPP and other toxic agreements such as the WTO and the new Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, known as TAFTA, which started being negotiated in July, 2014.  

We must not delay in activating each community against TPP and raising awareness of its capacity to erode the democratic system of government we value so much!

REMEMBER, these trade deals give COMPANIES the right to sue YOUR local government or the U.S. government if IT tries to enforce a law or regulation that YOU want (like dolphin-free tuna or clean air or clean water or safer work environments) that impairs CORPORATE profits!

Don't believe me? Just watch this video? (Turn on your sound and click on the picture to watch. Close the video to return to this page.)


If you AGREE with this message, please share this vital information! PLEASE RE-TWEET THIS! This is priority #1 & the vote is coming in the next 6-8 weeks! TPP is Treason #TPPisTreason …

Post edited by Karen Edson 8/3/2015

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