Volunteers Needed in Whitefish Bay!

Are you fed up with our corrupt Congress, where money talks and the politicians spend all their time raising money from a tiny slice of billionaires and mega-millionaires? Our goal at Move To Amend is to fix our Constitution and bring democracy back to America, but we need your help! We and other grassroots groups are petitioning in Whitefish Bay, so that the citizens there have the opportunity to vote on this, THE core issue of our time.

We are behind schedule in Whitefish Bay and the petitioning deadline is August 27th. Please volunteer your time to help petition. It’s easy and fun because over 80% of Americans agree on this issue. We’ll give you a little training, a clipboard and materials and you’ll be out helping to put our country back on track.

A few weeks ago, we achieved a major milestone -- introduction of the Money Out, Voters In bill, LRB-1457/5, calling for a statewide referendum to measure public support for overturning Citizens United. While getting the bill introduced is a crucial first step, it must actually pass in the legislature for the referendum to appear on the ballot!  Despite sponsorship from both sides of the aisle, its passage is far from assured, and our real work has therefore only just begun. Please,

  • contact legislators and write letters to newspapers urging passage of LRB-1457/5.  Remind them that this bill is simply about letting voters decide!

Thanks for all you do!!

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