Vote for Kevin for Most Valuable Organizer

For Citizen Action's work in promoting the Affordable Care Act and fighting for BadgerCare with new partners, CAW's lead organizer Kevin Kane has been nominated to be the New Organizing Institute's (NOI) "Most Valuable Organizer"!

We believe that this is an important way to promote the work that Citizen Action has been doing, and bring national attention to the fight to make Wisconsin stronger and healthier; and we're hoping you agree with us! Because for Kevin to win, and for Wisconsin's campaigns to get this national attention, we need you to vote for us. The candidates with the most votes will be chosen from. So please help us by doing the following:

  • Once you've done that, click this link or use the app below to support our Thunderclap - Thunderclap allows us to post the same message to all of our Facebook/Twitter pages at the same time and get a lot of attention!
  • Lastly, help share this page with others - you can forward the link, use the sharing buttons at the bottom or go to our recruitment page to see all the other tools for sharing that will give you credit for doing so!

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