This is a combination of two voices, MY letter to the editor in the DeForest Times Tribune, and a video made by my friend, the Rev. John Stanley, a fellow member of the DeForest Area Progressives and the Wisconsin Grassroots Network Task Force.

While we may disagree about many things, we DO agree on this point: Issue One is a bad thing for Wisconsin. I will let you watch his video first! Turn your sound on, click on THIS LINK to be taken to his video, then close that window to come back and read more to read my letter to the editor 


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In response to three retired justices of the Wisconsin Supreme Court:

First, none of these men is non-partisan: Jon P. Wilcox served in the Assembly as a Republican and was appointed to the Court by a Republican. His 1997 re-election campaign was tainted by allegations of illegal coordination with an outside group that resulted in Wilcox paying a fine of $10,000 to the G.A.B, his campaign manager paying a $15,000 fine and the outside organization’s founder (a former Assembly REPUBLICAN staffer) paying a $35,000 fine; Louis J. Ceci was appointed BOTH to his Milwaukee County Court AND to his Supreme Court seats by a Republican governor; and finally, William G. Callow was elected to the Supreme Court in 1977, and resigned FIVE years early, so that his replacement could be appointed by a Republican governor!

Second, I DO agree with them that this election is important! The selection of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has reflected the unbiased will of the people of the State since 1889.  When we vote for the justice with the longest seniority, we know we are voting for the most experienced member of the court to be the Chief Justice. To change this system is to open it up to the whims of a periodic power struggle every two years! Remember that the current majority includes a member who assaulted Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, currently running for reelection, and next in line based on seniority to the current Chief Justice, should she retire!

I, therefore, recommend that all Wisconsinites vote NO on State Issue 1! 

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