Watch out for this one in Wisconsin!

If you locked me alone in a quiet room for a month and promised me a million dollars to come up with new ways to suppress the vote, I don't think I could come up with all the ideas being churned out by anti-democracy legislators around the nation. 

This news from North Carolina, where Duke University and UNC attract many out-of-state college students:

Democracy foe and state legislator Bill Cook proposes to penalize parents of students if they vote in the jurisdiction where they live while attending college. 

Addicting Info reports: "Basically, if the student registers to vote at their college address rather than their parent’s out-of-state address, the parents would lose the right to claim the student as a dependent. ... So, essentially, ...the student would either have to opt out of voting, vote by absentee ballot from the parent’s state, or go ahead and vote in the campus state, causing the parent’s a large tax increase. This is what voter suppression looks like."

Now, I don't know the details of this--on the face of it, I wonder whether North Carolina legislation can have any effect on federal tax laws. But regardless, this proposal shows how deeply dedicated these foes of democracy are. 

My guess: This is one we need to keep an eye out for in Wisconsin, since the democracy foes in our own legislature surely know how many UW-Madison students come from out of state. 

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