About WGN Task Force

WGNTF is the grassroots group, whose mission, with the help of the other units of the Grassroots Network, and our partners, nurtures the statewide grassroots movement to develop and maintain the links between groups. It

  • Facilitates periodic statewide symposiums to bring together grassroots group members from around the state and networking through fostering regional meetings of grassroots group members.

  • Grows the "connective tissue" between the grassroots groups by providing:

    • This website.

    • Work Groups that coordinate related projects and activities by group members from around the state.

    • Blogs to facilitate communication between WGN members.

    • Dissemination of information regarding various organizations’ events through an email network.  This is accomplished by the website's calendars.  Also, organizations can get a message out by the use of a centralized email broadcast that is sent to the affiliated WGN groups and or allies.  The advantage to this approach is that people are more likely to pay attention to an email that is generated by a group they are affiliated with.

  • Presents an annual Grassroots Festival featuring breakout sessions dealing with numerous issues, political dialog, and group development. 

In order to be a member of the WGN Task Force, you will FIRST need to create a login to this website, if you have not already done so.