WGN Task Force Meeting


Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Location:Sofra’s Restaurant, 7457 Elmwood, Middleton

Pre-meeting & Dinner starting 5:30: You can eat any time, or not at all.



Review Our Mission Statements, Task Force and WGN

from our website : WGN TASK FORCE (WGNTF) Is the grassroots group, whose mission, with the help of The Regional Assembly, WGN Council, General Members, and our Partners, nurtures the statewide grassroots movement to develop and maintain the link between groups:

  • Facilitates periodic statewide symposiums to bring together grassroots group members from around the state.

  • Facilitates networking through fostering regional meetings of grassroots group members.

  • Grows the "connective tissue" between the grassroots groups by providing:

  • This website.

  • Work Groups that coordinate related projects and activities by group members from around the state.

  • Blogs to facilitate communication between WGN members.

  • Dissemination of information regarding various organizations’ events through an email network.  This is accomplished by the website's calendars.  Also, organizations can get a message out by the use of a centralized email broadcast that is sent to the affiliated WGN groups and or allies.  The advantage to this approach is that people are more likely to pay attention to an email that is generated by a group they are affiliated with.

  • Presents an annual Grassroots Festival that is attended by more than 250 progressives and features breakout sessions dealing with numerous issues, political dialog, and group development.

WGNTF from Google docs

The mission of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network Task Force (WGNTF) is to facilitate the development , growth, and communications of community-based, grassroots organizations throughout Wisconsin to secure democracy, equality, and justice for all.

From our Bylaws Section B. Mission

The purpose of WGN is to facilitate and sustain the development and growth of community based grassroots organizations for the purposes of enhancing democracy, justice, and equity for all.

This mission is accomplished through providing communication platforms, training, issue education, resources, organizing examples and networking opportunities for urban and rural grassroots organizations, their leadership and members.

Discuss the tension between supporting members passion and mission creep.


Set Global Priorities for WGN

  • Expand the network

  • Continued Development of Outreach to Groups through Nate’s Contacts.

    1. Follow up to Winning Through Community Connections Training
    2. Follow up to Groups that Want to Create a Regional Event
    3. How do We Follow Up With Contacts Generated at Events
    4. How do we help allies develop skills?
  • WGN Website Development

  • WISignInfo Development

  • Solidify our Sign Infrastructure.

  • WGN Facilitator & Strategy

  • Implement Bylaws.

  • Engage Establishing Regional Connections

  • Discuss How We are Going to Strengthen Our Connections to Groups.

  • Establish a Connection with People Who Wish to Form a Group.

  • Maintain the WGN Connection to the National Movement.

  • Solicit, Organize, and Maintain Volunteer Project

  • Strengthen Funding Stream.


Implementation Strategies

  1. Establish Procedures as We Engage Our Priorities.

  2. Develop Subgroups for each Global Priority, Meet Outside of Weekly WGNTF Meetings, & Report Progress to WGNTF.


Identify Those Who Wish to Join Global Priority Subcommittees.

  • Who is going to be on the subgroup.

  • Who is going to facilitate the subgroup.

  • What processes are going to be developed to facilitate the work of the group

    • When is the subgroup going to meet.

    • How will information be captured so it is easily shared


Discuss WGNTF Endorsing the Global Climate Convergence (GCC)

  • Develop a plan to give WGN groups the opportunity to endorse the GCC


Report on the Assembly Districts Development: Nate, Adam, Eric

Open Discussion / Committee Work 7:35 - ?



Wednesday, April 23rd, 2013

Location:  The Rodeside Grill, 6317 Rostad Drive, Windsor 53598(Deforest Area)    

Pre-meeting & Dinner starting 5:30: You can eat any time, or not at all.

Pre-Meeting 5:30 - 5:45

April 16, 2014 at 6:00pm - 9pm
Sofra's Family Bistro
7457 Elmwood Ave
Middleton, WI 53562
United States
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Bob Crego · · 608-514-8131

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