Where They Get Their Money

A legislator now spends roughly anywhere from 20-50 percent of her or his time fund-raising, either to pay for their last campaign or to build a war chest for their NEXT campaign. With that kind of emphasis on money, it is easy to see why money in politics has become such a big issue in both Republican and Democrat circles! The joint issues of "Corporations are Not People" and "Money is Not Speech" are among the very few that unite most Republicans and Democrats across the United States, at least according to my friends in Move to Amend!

So, how can a concerned citizen try to find out how their favorite (or not-so-favorite) legislator is getting funded? Well, this page should give you a start!

WI State Legislators and Da Guv: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign - Campaign Finance Database

Federal Legislators and Presidential Elections: Open Secrets.Org 

National Institute on Money In State Politics - Follow the Money Database