Why the GOP REALLY Wants to Stop Obamacare

Just 10 days before a government shutdown, the GOP in the House of Representatives has voted to fund the government, but only if Obamacare is defunded.  The GOP is well aware that this bill will not be passed by the Democratic controlled Senate, or will it be signed by President Obama.  They have let it leak that their hope is to see the CR pass both houses and acquire a veto by President Obama.  This would allow the GOP to point the finger at the President if/when the government were to shutdown.  We saw this play out the last time the Tea Party nearly shutdown the government.  

In 2011, the GOP came dangerously close to shutting down the government.  As a result, the US’ credit rating was dropped from AAA to AA+.  When the story broke, it was noted that the GOP’s threat to force the government into default, was the reason for the downgrade.  However, at the 2012 Republican convention, Paul Ryan gave a speech where he framed it as though it was President Obama’s fault for the downgrade.

This is all Malarky, in the words of Joe Biden.  Although it is possible that the Tea Party is ignorant enough to believe this could happen, there is a more simple possibility.  They have now voted over 40 times to repeal Obamacare, yet the law still stands.  Those votes are getting stale and they needed to give something new to the base.  They took this vote, knowing that it will never survive the Senate, therefore, never reaching President Obama.  Instead, the Senate will either strip out the defunding of Obamacare and pass a straight bill, or simply not bring it to the floor for a vote at all. (most likely the former) They will then send the bill back to the House where a straight bill will pass and be signed by the President.  Now the government stays open, and the Tea Party has a new story to take home to their base.

This might backfire though.  The health care exchanges open on October 1st.  They take effect on January 1st.  That is 10 months before the next election.  Over that 10 month period, more and more Americans are going to find that they now have access to quality healthcare at an affordable cost.  People are going to be able to go to the doctor, and realize that they actually have more say over who their doctor is now, than they did before.  Pre-existing conditions are now a thing of the past, and your out of pocket costs are going down.

But that is not all....

People are also going to realize that they no longer have to work jobs they hate just so that they don’t lose their insurance.  There are people out there who have talent and ideas for new businesses, but they can’t afford insurance, so they stay where they are.  Now, people will be able to leave their current job, open a small business, and get quality insurance at an affordable cost through the exchanges set up by Obamacare.  This will loosen the grip of corporate America on the middle class, as well as help the economy as new businesses open.  Not to mention that when someone quits their normal job to start up their own business, they also free up their previous position for someone else to get hired.

 The  Republicans are not afraid of Obamacare ending our freedoms, killing jobs, or raising costs.  They are terrified that the law is going to be a huge success and the American people will see them for who they really are...Condescending, dishonest, political frauds who are only interested in destroying President Obama, the Democratic Party, and keeping the rich as rich as possible.


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