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Interesting Fellow Marchers on the Road to Progress...

marchonchamber.jpgThere is a group that has begun a march from Philadelphia to the headquarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC to draw attention to the Chamber's totally onesided support of big business and the Republican agenda. In addition, but not mentioned by this group, is the factoid that many voters have been scammed by the right into believing that the USCofCommerce is an agency of the US government (e.g., in its use in ads against such politicians as Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren).

Their facebook page can be reached at: https://www.facebook.com/ShutTheChamber and their website at: http://shutthechamber.org/ 


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Stooge of the Night

Fight Back https://movetoamend.org/take-action 

81% of Wisconsinites want background checks. 1.2 Million $$$$ from Gun Lobby. How would you vote?

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Wisconsin Budget Policy and Poverty in Education - Press Release

Wisconsin Budget Policy and Poverty in Education

Forward Institute

Forward Institute has released its new study at a press conference in Milwaukee’s City Hall. The following remarks were made by Chair Scott Wittkopf, highlighting the most important findings of the comprehensive study.

Wisconsin has always been a leader in K-12 public education because we have long valued the right of every child to receive a quality public education. The fundamental nature of our values is reflected in the State Constitution, which guarantees all children equal access to educational opportunity in our public schools. That constitutional right is now being systematically eroded and defunded. The research presented in this report shows that current fiscal policy and education funding are depriving our poorest students access to a sound public education. Public schools are not failing our children, Wisconsin legislators and policymakers are failing the public schools that serve our children.

Our comprehensive report documents in detail that the resources being afforded schools and students of poverty are insufficient, and facing further reduction. Moreover, the resources being diverted from schools of poverty into non-traditional alternative education programs are producing questionable results with little to no accountability for the state funding they receive.

The following seven points highlight critical findings of our study: 

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Forward Institute Study Release

Forward Institute is announcing a series of public press events in Wisconsin to release a new study, “Wisconsin Budget Policy and Poverty in Education: A Study of the Impact of School Funding on Educational Opportunity.” The report raises significant questions of constitutionality and educational adequacy under previous and proposed education budgets. Further, there will be new research presented regarding the Milwaukee voucher program, DPI School Report Cards, statewide test scores, and the effects of poverty on student outcome.

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What's a Woman to Do???

If a progressive woman is out grocery shopping and she wants to bring home organic goodness and add soy protein to her diet, she used to be able to depend on Eden Soy. Not any more!

Apparently the owners and management of the company have decided that the Affordable Care Act's requirement that they include birth control coverage for their employees is so against their principles that they are suing the federal government.

So we offer the below graphic as an easy way to provide alternatives, should you wish to vote against Eden Soy's position with your wallet:


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When Are Antibiotics NOT the Answer ???


People are starting to learn that antibiotics are useful only against bacteria, not viruses and that taking too many antibiotics or not following a doctor's orders can increase our chances of developing a bacterial infection resistant to antibiotic therapy. BUT - did you know that much of the animal protein you eat has been dosed with antibiotics to encourage the food animals to grow faster and thus be ready to market sooner?

Consumer Reports has produced a report on ground turkey that is available online at http://www.consumerreports.org/turkey0613. This report indicates that much of the ground turkey and ground turkey products that many of us rely on as healthier alternatives to other animal proteins may not be as healthy as we had thought.

As with my earlier blog on frankenfood, the moral of the story is "let the buyer beware." 

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Save the Right to Recall !

Wisconsin's Republican majority legislature is planning yet another attack on its citizens' rights. This time it is our right to recall an elected official.

According to United Wisconsin: "Now, conservative lawmakers want to rewrite our constitution so only a criminal conviction is grounds for a recall.

Unlike some states, Wisconsin does not have statewide ballot initiative process, such as a ‘Peoples’ Veto,’ to demand direct repeal of laws that violate the public’s interest. That's why our recall power was designed - to give us the ability to enforce checks and balances on our elect officials. If we allow this bill to pass, lawmakers will be shielded from any public recourse for their actions, no matter how much their policies violate the public interest."

NOTE: A constitutional amendment in Wisconsin requires passage by two successive legislatures and ratification by the people of the state to become effective. Please see: http://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/2013/related/proposals/ajr25 for the text of the Assembly Joint Resolution 25.

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How to debunk the "liberal bias" myth

(next time you hear a right-winger complain of "liberal bias" in the mainstream media, please feel free to cut and paste the below response:)

If the media are so liberal, where are all the Union-friendly news shows? I see lots of pro-big business & pro-investor shows. Where are the shows for worker interests? And, other than MSNBC, where are the pro-Union guests? I see lots of guests making the pro-corporate, anti-union arguments. Where are all the union defenders in the "liberal" media?

If the media are so liberal, why do they keep focusing on debt/deficit/austerity and not the arguments against austerity that all the liberal economists are making?

If the media are so liberal, why did they ignore the 2011 Tar Sands protests in DC and the hundreds of arrested protesters, including a reknowned NASA scientist?

If the media are so liberal, why have they completely ignored the controversy surrounding the drilling of the Alberta Tar Sands?

If the media are so liberal, why did they parrot Bush's link between Iraq & 9/11, and his claim that Iraq still had WMD's, while ignoring the many experts who could disprove these claims?

If the media are so liberal, why did they cheerlead us into the Iraq war, while censoring those who opposed it?

If the media are so liberal, why did they virtually ignore the largest anti-war protest in the history of mankind on the eve of the Iraq invasion in 2003, but have since given plenty of mostly uncritical coverage of much smaller Tea Party protests?

If the media are so liberal, why did they give so much free publicity to Paul Ryan's "brave", "heroic" budget plan, while they ignored the Progressive Caucus's People's Budget?

If the media are so liberal, why did even Bush's own press secretary think the media was too deferential to him?

If the media are so liberal, why did they run the fake ACORN voter fraud stories & the faked ACORN video stings, then virtually ignore it when ACORN was vindicated and proven innocent of both?

If the media are so liberal, then why do these "liberal" TV stations gladly air tons of liberal-bashing campaign ads by right-wing groups?

If the media are so liberal, why do they keep covering-up for Wall Street and hiding the rampant criminality there?

If the media are so liberal, why was their coverage of right-winger Margaret Thatcher's controversial legacy so fawning and one-sided?

If the media are so liberal, why did they ignore proven and admitted GOP election fraud?

If the media are so liberal, why is there a virtual news blackout of the Trans-Pacific Partnership controversy?

If the media are so liberal, why did they virtually ignore the biggest climate change rally in US history on Februray 17?
Since then, I've seen plenty of right-wing guests on the news urging Obama to approve Keystone and criticizing him for delaying it (even just this morning on MSNBC, with zero argument from the host!), but nobody to explain why there's a huge movement against it.

If the media are so liberal, why did they constantly demonize leftist Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, even promoting anti-Chavez disinfo?

If the media are so liberal, why was coverage of Occupy mostly negative? Missing from both the dominant media and state and national politics was any attempt to critically engage the issues the protesters were raising, not to mention any attempt to dialogue with them over their strategies, tactics, and political concerns.
I could go on and on...

And if you try to argue that all my sources above are "liberal biased", you'd just be proving my point. If the truly liberal, alternative media are the only ones pointing these things out, then obviously the mainstream corporate media isn't very liberal.
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Liberty vs. Security

The one thing that I learned from the "talking heads" during the Boston wall-to-wall coverage was that there is 'public safety' exception' to the Miranda rulings. As with most legal questions I have, I contacted an attorney friend who explained that this exception dated from a Supreme Court decision in 1984.

For those who are interested, Wikipedia has a description of the decision, including its background and suggestions for further reading:




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