Wisconsin PrimaryWisconsin Primary-Vote Aug 12th

Wisconsin is Voting TODAY, Tuesday August 12!

We get a chance to choose who represents us in Madison and in Washington D.C.!

We are counting on you to make democracy count in Wisconsin! 

NOT REGISTERED YET? Don't worry! You can register at the polls! Just bring proof of current address (meaning you have lived there at least 28 days. If you moved from another WI address within that period, you vote at your OLD address. If you moved from another state within that period, you are not eligible to vote in THIS election. BUT you will be by November 4, 2014!)  See this Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Registration Page for more Information! 

Here is a sample ballot showing what you will see at the polls:  

You can find YOUR own ballot online at your municipal clerk's office website!




The attached list is from the Government Accountability Board and shows all candidates who QUALIFIED for this PARTISAN primary election. REMEMBER you will be able to vote ONLY for the candidates of ONE political party in a PARTISAN primary.

Please see NEW Primary page at http://www.WisconsinGrassroots.net/ for primary ballot and candidate info!. Remember DEMOCRACY is a VERB! 


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