Wisconsin Freedom Campaign / Frame 4 Future

The Wisconsin Freedom Campaign is a joint effort of a group consisting of the Wisconsin Grassroots Network, Madison Teachers Inc., a new political consulting business called Frame 4 Future, and several other other organizations across Wisconsin who have gathered together under the leadership of the Scott Wittkopf, formerly head of the Forward Institute, a think tank in Madison, to learn, teach awareness of "thought 'frames'" and thought-frame-based skilled messaging techniques of Professor George Lakoff, pioneering cognitive scientist and linguist. This is not complicated, it is easy and powerful! 

The Wisconsin Freedom Campaign has held two "train the trainer" sessions so far: one, held in Black River Falls in December 2013, that concentrated on sand mining  and one, held  in Milwaukee in January 2014, concentrated on education issues. These two issues are our initial push.

If you are interested in participating in future sessions of these campaigns, please contact Scott Wittkopf at the Frame 4 Future: [email protected].  

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