WisconsinGrassrootsNetwork WebSite: Offers Indivudual Site + Hub connection fo Wisconsin Groups'

Connecting us all! That is the potential of this new WisconsinGrassrootsNetwork website. Any grassroot group wishing to set up a page under the 'umbrella' of this site may do so. There is a minimal fee involved per month, but has so many services to offer it is almost a freebie. With groups placing their page in the Network, we can all see news and events hosted by all of us, it will be a clearing-house for rapid connection, collaboration, and cooperation. We can learn from one another and quickly apply best practices by one group to our own actions. We will learn of valuable candidates and issue awareness. We can make decisions on where to put our action efforts to be beneficial to promotion of our networked goals and values!  We can be a source of progressive information statewide, all in one place! Soon we will post how to join us as a 'group' with your own official page and URL. YES WE CAN!  Stay tuned for more info on this in a few days!   

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