Our Sister Site

As one of our messaging projects, the Wisconsin Grassroots Network has been using what we like to call "Grassroots TV." This is a series of roadside signs, placed along heavily traveled roads in suburban or rural areas to express progressive ideas without being explicitly partisan. We have used two different types of signs for these messages: 4 by 5 foot "Big Red" signs or a series of smaller signs painted with phrases that, when viewed in sequence, convey our message. In both cases, the final line (or the last sign) directs them to our messaging support site (down at present for redesign).

When drivers get curious enough to visit that site, they will find a series of signs crawling on the home page. they will click on the one that piqued their interest (or another one) and be taken into the site to a message designed FOR that sign, either in the form of a "heartfelt" written message, usually in the first person or in a short video which will grab emotions rather than deluge with data.

The viewer has a choice of the message or a button labeled "Learn More." If they select the video message, they may then select the Learn More button at the end.

Learn More takes the viewer to a page of collected blogs on the same topic as the message that the user first selected, BUT the user NOW has the option of selecting from several different menus: at the top of the screen "Home Issues Signage Project About;" a bit lower down "Frac Sand Mining Blog  Health Care Blog  Local Control Blog  Education Blog  Voter Rights Blog  Women's Rights Blog   Tar Sands Blog   Get Money Out of Politics Blog   Metallic Mining Blog   Social Security Blog;" and even further down "Create a Group Volunteer and Join a Group." These last three will take our driver/viewer to the Wisconsin Grassroots Network website to the appropriate page!

We are sorry that our sister site is temporarily unavailable! CLICK HERE TO HELP!